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The secret is out! What makes the elegant look of a classy African American Wigs stand out above the rest to the point that everyone has to turn around to look and admire the beauty of its unique style whenever every woman have them on? Well, let us answer that for you. Our company, Express Wig Braids, located in the heart of The United States of America, in Boston, Massachusetts provides the best handmade braided wigs in the world and we ship to all parts of the world. We are global.




To be honest, everything boils down to the type and the texture of braided wigs an African American woman wants and uses to create the beauty of essence and also because we have set our standards higher than the rest. We choose to use the best of the best quality braid extensions materials in making our braided wigs that are now trending worldwide.


Now, you may be asking the question, how we came across some of the hairstyles we create on our braided wigs? We get our hairstyles from common hairstyles you get when you walk into a salon to get your hair braided. Normal hairstyles from box braids, senegalese twist, cornrows, kinky twist, faux locs, goddess locs, crochet braids and crochet locs and in different forms, arts, designs, colors, length and styles.

These are the hairstyles that seems to be the most popular all over the world and they tend to always cause others to stop and want to look at your entire hairstyle from the front to the very back because these styles seem to be astonishing for others to see. But for a moment, let’s take a good look at the traditional way that an African American woman uses to get her hair done.


With the traditional way, you would purchase the hair and then take it to the beautician and it would normally take 4 to 8 hours or even almost a whole day for your hair to be completely braided. So there goes a lot of your valuable time because your entire day was spent on getting your hair braided and also the money spent.

Well, Express Wig Braids has tremendously changed all of that by being able to make those same beautiful hairstyles on a wig and not just that but narrows down to African American wigs. Now our beautiful handmade braided wigs are created with a keen sense of detail to each one of them. That means no more sitting for long hours waiting for your hair to be braided. That old way is out and the new way has just begun. Now you have the option of just choosing the perfect wig that is perfect for you.


We have an array of braided wigs that you can select from with no pressure whatsoever with over 100 handmade braided wigs styles and please know that we do not limit our wigs to just women alone because, some men also love to wear our braided wigs as well. There are a lot of wigs out there online, but what makes us stand out is the fact that we are a 5 five star company with awesome reviews from our customers who have ordered from us and loved the experience. So why won’t you shop with us with confidence of seeing other real live reviews from previous customers. We got you covered!


Therefore, we encourage you to look no further than Express Wig Braids, because even though there are lots of places that you can go to purchase wigs from, however, when it comes to choosing the best company for Y-O-U, in order to have the best of the best excellent quality wigs with complete satisfaction with a company that strives to give 100% Customer Satisfaction to each and every customer, then we are definitely the right company for you. Once you see the value that we put into making everyone of these beautiful braided wigs, then you will never have to look any further and if you would like to visit our web page, simply got Express Wig Braids.


You can also see guided steps and details of how to install our braided wigs on our website, how to maintain them at no cost with further wig details and demonstrations. And above all, you will all get sweet discounts from our huge sales every week by signing up.


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Please close your eyes and lets imagine together this common braiding experience

You are sitting back in a styling chair wondering what in the world did you get yourself into. All you know is that someone that you feel like you haven’t seen in forever is crafting this braided masterpiece on your head.


The TV is on, showing show or movie you don’t have the slightest interest in seeing, but it wouldn’t matter even if you did because you can’t stop constantly wincing at the pulls and tugs of your scalp. You are starving, mentally kicking yourself for not coming in prepared with a full meal.


But then you check the time and you realize you have been there for hours. An eternity has elapsed since you sat down in that chair and the stylist has not even made it to the front of your head. All the regret rushes through you. Why did you even sit down on the chair?


There has to be an alternative to a full day in a chair. And there is!

To be clear, it’s not giving up on braids all together. The answer is in the braided wigs!

Braid wigs are mostly common wigs for black women. Now when I say braid wigs are the answer to our hair problems, it’s not limited to just the time painfully spent in a chair.

Protective style

Braided lace wigs will still offer that same benefit of protecting your hair and edges. It will reduce the manual manipulation of your hair while also preventing damage from contact with other materials and the environment itself.


No Pain
How many times have you finished getting your braids put in and you couldn’t move your head afterwards without pain? You can’t physically move your braids and forget about sleeping for a few days. It’s impossible to put your head down on a surface. Express Wig braids will provide you that comfort of enjoying your new style at peace.


You have the freedom to have your braided style for however long you want. Forget the typical limitations of two or three months. You can have your braided wig in today and gone tomorrow or a few months here and there, with guarantee to last you more than 2 years of usage. Switch up your styles. Wear braids all year. The world is your oyster.


Fresh Braidsa
Time, new growth, sweat and other things deteriorate the freshness of braids. With Express Wig Braids, you wouldn’t have to accept the natural process of a braided style and get them refreshed. They’ll look just as pristine today as they will a month from now. And next year when you want to rock that style again, they’ll still look just as great.


Hair Maintenance
Instead of resorting to braid shampoo or miserably attempting to wash your hair with the braids in, you can remove your braided wig and wash your hair as normal. No itchy scalp. You have the power to keep your hair moisturized and healthy for when you are ready to bring it back out and have it on.


With all these benefits, braided wigs and most especially braided lace front wigs are becoming the new way to showcase our coveted hairstyles. But now that they are here, where do we get them from? You don’t want to be scammed. You want a product that will make you look good and last a long time.


You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at  Express Wig Braids.


Let me share with you all 32 reasons why I would wear braid wig any day any time over going to the salon to have my hair braided.



1) Braided Wigs  is very fast to wear

2) Braid wig is easy to maintain

3) Single braids such as box braids and natural twist wigs gives you more versatility when it comes to styling

4) Cornrows wigs especially with ponytail give you a younger look

5) They stand the test of time to last you more than 2 years based on how you use them

6) You can be flexible with them

7) You can take them off at any time

8) They protect your hair from damages from exposure to external factors

9) Braid wig is a low cost maintenance wig

10) They are very affordable

11) Braid wig save you time

12) You don’t have to go through pain especial when it comes to the cornrow styles

13) They look very natural and realistic

14) Nobody knows you have a wig on

15) Braid wig saves you a lot of money

16) They make you feel elegant and classy to stand out from the crowd

17) You can wear them yourself

18) They are glue less when assured you are ordering from Express Wig Braids

19) They baby hair on them makes them perfectly look so real

20) They are secured on the head

21) You don’t have to worry if you are going through hair loss

22) Braid wig are good for alopecia patients

23) They protect and keep your edges

24) Your hair is able to rest from too much pulling and begins to grow again

25) They are light weight

26) They boost your self esteem

27) They are neatly and tightly braided

28) They come out new every time you wear them

29) They never go out of fashion

30) They don’t smell

31) They can be worn for both casual and party occasions

32) Braid wig helps a lot of cancer patient

These I would say are very few genuine reasons out of a million reasons I would recommend having a braid wig any time. You can get them at good quality from Express Wig Braids. They offer fast shipping, affordable prices, coupons and discounts, free consultation, many length and color options, free shipping, free knot bleaching, 24/7 customer service life chat, track order status and many more offers.

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We will be featuring some cornrow box braids wig styles at Express Wig Braids

Cornrows are an ancient traditional African style of hair grooming, pattern formed by interlacing three or more strands in which the hair is braided wigs very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised row. Cornrows are often formed in simple, straight lines, as the name implies, but they can also be formed in complicated geometric or curvilinear designs.



Box Braids is a type of hair style best described as “boxy” or squared-shaped hair divisions that can be created by adding synthetic hair for thickness as well as length. Box braids can be as thick or as thin as an individual's wants. Because they are not attached to the scalp like cornrows wigs are, box braids can be styled as one wishes. The installation process of box-braids can be lengthy, but the end result of them are beautiful. Box braids can last for months and can create a unique, yet elegant hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Box braids can also be worn in any way. They can be worn all the way up, down, half-up, in a bun, or whatever way a person desires


Half cornrow & half box braids gives you an elegant look most especially if you are confused about getting either a cornrow or box braids separately. Having both styles at once to form a complete look has been a trend from way back as far as the 80’s and people are still having them. This has also gone further up to an advanced stage of having these tedious looking style that takes a lot of time and money on braided wig styles. You can have them together in different styles, curves, patterns and shapes. They could also appear as big box braids or small box braids


Below are names of some of the different styles accustom to the mixture of half cornrow and half box braids style at


Even Though We Sell Braided Wigs, We Care About Your Natural Hair. Practice Our Hair Tips For a Healthier, Fuller And Longer Hair.

Your hair is not just composed of the strands you see on your head, it’s more elementary and complex than just what you see.





  • Take care of yourself from within by always drinking at least 8 ounce glasses of water or two liters of water daily with fruits and veggies: this helps to increase hair growth and strengthens your hair.

  • Wash your hair regularly with original shampoo within 1- 2 weeks, depends on how often it gets dirty: this helps eliminates build up and clog pores to allow your scalp breath.

  • Deep condition after wash with original hair condition. Comb or stretch out and leave in for 15-30 minutes putting on a plastic shower cap before you rinse out: this promotes a healthy hair growth by nourishing, feeding and penetrating into the scalp for a faster and healthier growth.

  • (Optional) to further nourish your hair, do some steaming by using a DEEP CONDITIONER or mixing with PURE ORIGINAL HONEY, COCONUT OIL or SHEA BUTTER, HAIR MAYONNAISE, WITH RAW EGG. Wear a plastic shower cap on your hair after application and sit under the hair steamer set in medium heat for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with cool water: this will further open your pores and allow all nourishment in the above mixtures penetrate more deeply into the follicle to let each strands stand a test of time.

  • Moisturize with a leave in conditioner while your hair is still a little damp along with oil like original coconut oil or shea butter or any original natural hair oil and seal consistently: this protects the hair from losing its moisture and shedding.

  • Trim your hair every 4-6 weeks: to retain its strength and get rid of broken and free of split ends that could lead to more damage.

  • Wear protective styles like cornrows wigs, braids, twist on your natural hair before wearing your cornrow braided wigs and avoid them from been braided to tightly: this helps to secure hair from shedding and braided wig styles helps you have your hair on like it is naturally braided while protecting your natural hair underneath the wig from the harsh sun/winter weather when out. Reason it is called protective styles.

  • Avoid too much heating objects like tong machines, dryers and all and if you must use them, use at the minimum lowest heat settings: this will help avoid dryness, split ends and damages as too much heat damages the hair strength.

  • Healthy hair tips for your hair at night by sleeping with a satin hair bonnet and scarf at night or sleep on a satin pillowcase if you are not the type to wear anything over your head to sleep: this protects the hair from breakage and helps maintain its moisture.

  • Avoid too much use of hair product: this help to avoid build up and allows the scalp to breath.

For more information, always watch out for our blog posts always posted below our website at

Hair growth stages and how braid wigs helps

There is more to the hair you have than just what you see. The basic components that causes hair growth inside the human scalp is complicated and more advanced than just each strand you see.


Each strand of hair grows from a hair follicle. The hair follicle is composed of two structures; the part which resides inside the skin scalp and the shaft, which grows out of the scalp and each hair follicle has its own life cycle. This means that each strand of hair grows independently of the surrounding strands. If all of the hair follicles were synchronous, the hair would all grow at the same time.This would mean that there would be periods during which we would all be bald and other moments when we would have a full hair!


The hair growth process occurs in a cycle, with hair follicles going through four different stages as they grow, regress, rest and shed over the course of several years.


Understanding hair growth is an important part of learning more about why your hair thins and falls out. It’s also useful knowledge for re-growing your hair and providing healthy hair tips over time.

 The Four Stages of Hair Growth

The hair growth process has four different stages:

The anagen, or growing phase
 this phase is where it all starts. The hair grows from the root about 1cm every 28 days during which your hair grows. Normal scalp hair follicles in this anagen stage lasts approximately three to six years, whereas hair on the eyebrows, eyelashes, arms and legs have very short active phase of growth that last about 30-70 days in the anagen phase, which explains why they are much shorter than the hair on the scalp of the head.


Although, some people might have difficulty growing their hair beyond a certain length because they have short active phase of growth, which could be due to a natural cause, stress or lack of proper nutrients for the body. On the other hand, people with very long hair have a long active phase of growth.


Anagen hairs also vary in size, from long, thick terminal hairs to short, light-colored vellus hairs.


The catagen, or regression phase
 this is the regression phase. Over the course of one to two weeks, the hair growth rate slows down and the hair follicle shrinks and attaches to the root of the hair. The catagen phase lasts two to three weeks and about 3-4% of all hair passes through this phase at any time. Also known as a club hair.


The telogen, or resting phase
during which new hair begins to grow under the older, detached hairs. Once the new hair has grown, the old hair enters the exogen phase. During this phase, the old hair completely detaches from the scalp and falls out, usually while you’re using a comb, brush or washing your hair in the shower. This stage lasts roughly two to three months. After a few months, hair stops growing and detaches from the hair follicle. New hair starts to grow and pushes the old, dead hair out.


It’s normal for about 10-20% of your hairs to go into this phase and fall out on a daily basis, meaning there’s no need to panic if you notice a few hairs on your comb or brush after styling your hair.


As the new hair grows (return to anagen stage), it replaces the old hair and completes the hair growth cycle, giving you replacement hairs for all of the hairs lost during the catagen, telogen and exogen phases of the growth process.


The exogen, or shedding phase
return to anagen stage during which the older hair falls out from your scalp and is replaced by the new hair but stress can cause a noticeable amount of hair loss.


Each of these stages lasts for a different amount of time, meaning your hair can grow for years before it returns to the anagen stage or enters into the catagen, telogen and exogen phases.


It is very important to understand the Hair Growth Stages as this would help you understand how your body activities affects your hair growth positively or negatively. Since the hair is a part of the body system, the hair growth process can be interrupted and affected by both internal and external factors which are illness, not having enough amount of rest, malnutrition, braiding your hair too tightly and aging, apparently cornrow box braids can help in keeping our hair healthy.


Just imagine a lack of the right vitamins and protein can cause the hair to enter the telogen phase prematurely without allowing it grow normally. Also, the shedding process takes several months which is the telogen phase, so changes in your diet or level of stress could result in hair loss that doesn’t happen until months later when your hair enters into the exogen phase. If you stop getting enough the right amount of body nutrients or not getting the appropriate amount of rest for the body, the effect could take months before the difference shows in your hair.


 A lot of people are interested in learning about why their hair thins and falls outing, how to regrow their hair and how to maintain a healthy hair growth for already grown hair.

 I would recommend:

  • eating the right food and fruit that supplies the body with appropriate vitamins and proteins,
  • not stressing yourself while taking a lot of rest,
  • drinking at least two liters of water daily and
  • not braiding your natural hair too tightly as this could forcefully pull out the shaft which could interrupt and affect the hair follicle growth.


If you always love to have tight braids on but can’t stand the pain or you rather want to give your hair a break from strain and too much tightness, you should get yourself braided wigs from Express Wig Braids serving you varieties of styles from cornrows wigs to dreadlocks wig for sale.


For more detail:- Express Wig Braids


  • Always wear your braided wigs on a mannequin’s head or hang upright, to avoid your wig being folded and scattered.
  • Use your fingers to finger comb your braided wig downwards to maintain style.
  • If your braided wig looks shattered at the tips, then deep the lower part of the wig in hot water for 5 seconds to straighten out the tips.
  • Do not squeeze out with hand or towel.
  • Finger comb your braided wig downwards and blow dry on the lowest heat or leave it to dry (best option).
  • Spray your braided wig with very little amount of hair spray / oil sheen since its still brand new to keep it shining.



Once in a while, wash your braided wig in a lukewarm water with good quality shampoo. Do not use hot water because the major part of the braids are synthetic. Using hot water could damage the strength and longevity of your wig and make them look rough, (except for the closure, frontal or full lace wig, which are 100% virgin remy hair)


  • add lukewarm water in a bowl
  • add quantity amount of a good quality shampoo
  • deep in your braided wig and softly finger massage your wig
  • rinse properly with cold water and take the wig out vertically and deep in again 2-5 times or rinse while holding the wig straight up
  • do not squeeze dry your wig, instead hang your wig vertically or style on a mannequin’s head to blow dry on the lowest heat or leave it out to dry (best option)

  • Trim around the sides of each strands of hair if there is any need to "do not cut the tip".
  • Use a good quality styling hair mousse while you vertically finger comb your wig, while a little bit wet.
  • Use hair spray or oil sheen to keep it shining.
  • Do not apply direct heat or any hot steaming object like tonging machines and all that on your braided wig
  • Always hang or style on a mannequin head in a good weather condition when not in use
  • Whenever your wig gets wets or you sweat on it, always make sure you dry them and not hide them so as not to breed a bad smell or fungi Never keep your wig in a plastic bag or box
  • Do not tie your braided wig at all times to avoid wig looking tacky
  • Do not comb or brush your braided wigs
  • Do not sleep with your braided wig on, so that it doesn’t tangle and also helps to maintain the style
  • Do not braid the ends all together
  • Take care of your natural hair as well. Wash and condition your natural hair, oil them and cornrow them before you wear your braided wigs again because our wigs serves as protective styles for natural hair to protect your natural hair from breakage and damages, make them relax, breath from tight braiding and grow faster.

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When it comes to choosing a hairstyle you want, thickness matters because it adds a lot of versatility to the overall look of your desired style.

There are different thickness sizes one could get from having box braids, senegalese twist, crochet faux loc or goddess loc styles. They are;

· Micro size

· Medium size

· Big size

· Jumbo size
Below is an image of different thickness size strands:

Micro size; is a tiny sized strand. If you want your hairstyle or wig style very full, go for this size.

Medium size; starts from the addition of three sizes of the micro strand up to half an inch size strand. If you want your hair full and little big thicker, then this is the size for you.

Big size; is quite bigger or thicker than half an inch size strand. If you desire to have a hybrid or semi full hair or wig style but in a normal big size, please go for this size.

Jumbo size; is the biggest size of all. It starts from adding two strands of the big size strands together to become a one size of jumbo strand. The size is not required to be full, otherwise, the hairstyle or wig style would look too bulky and heavy on the head.

Considering hair thickness goes a long way and helps in making you feel very comfortable in having them on at the end. No matter the style size you prefer on wigs as well, it gives you
more options to style them according to their thickness.

From micro to jumbo box braids, from micro to jumbo senegalese twist, from micro to jumbo goddess locs wig; whichever you choose will always come out nice as long as you don’t have them mixed up by braiding a micro and medium size braids too scanty and braiding a jumbo and big size braids too full.

Also, your desired length also matters when considering thickness size. Let’s say you want a jumbo sized braids as long as (32-34) inches mid-thigh length, it is advisable you even make the complete hairstyle or wig style not too full to give it that more natural look. A longer length of braids goes along perfectly well with micro and medium thickness size as compared to big and jumbo thickness strand.

You will comfortably dance in them, swim in them and work in them.

You can also but them up in a bun as long as each the thickness and length equates each other and they are not too voluminous.

As you can see from the first image, Beyonce has her box braids in medium size thickness and full that enables her put it up in a bun,

While in the second image, Solange has a jumbo box braids, not too full and long.



For more details, visit Express Wig Braids.


Braided wigs have been around for some years now and a lot of people have embraced and are beginning to appreciate its many advantages.



 One out of its many advantages is how it saves time. Imagine a wife, mother and a carrier woman who struggles to juggle all activities together at a time without so much time in her hands to look beautiful along side. It’s very important as a woman to look beautiful and well kept as always. Women are great beings and do a lot of things in our society today all at once,


 keeping home, taking care of family, cooking, working to earn money, and many more.

But we are focused on how a woman should always manage her time in all of these activities and still have enough time to look beautiful. A woman’s appearance really matters a lot.


 You don’t want to look unkempt, you don’t want to keep a bad hair, bald hair or smelly hair.


 So, I will outline steps of how to wear your braided lace wigs in minutes without applying any glue and explain further using a glue.


  • Get your braided wig out of the bag and finger comb it to stretch out.

  • They come with elastic bands and if you feel you need an extra elastic band, add that by measuring out 8-10 inches in length of elastic band, then sew in the elastic band on both sides where your ear angles are placed on either of the lace frontal, full lace or wig cap used.

  • Wear a mesh cap “a tan mesh cap to be precise” on your hair if you don’t have a lot of hair and if you have a lot of hair, have them cornrowed in before wearing a mesh cap.

  • Wear your wig from the front while bending you head downwards and pull it backwards till it fits in.

  • Raise your head upwards “back in position” and adjust perfectly.

  • Pull the lace to the front till it covers your hairline to see how much of it that should be taken off.

  •  Cut out the lace with a small scissors. If you cannot cut the lace while you have your wig on, try to mark the area to be cut out with your powder or foundation color makeup and then remove the wig to have the lace cut out.

  • After cutting out the lace, you could apply a very light amount of your foundation color with a blending brush inside round the edges of the lace material or where you have your parts, to give it an illusional natural look to blend along with your skin color “this is optional”, wear it again, adjust the elastic to hold perfectly and lay your baby hair and style to your taste.

  • If you think you want to add a glue for extra extra hold then: apply an original hair glue underneath the front of the lace you cut out and also a very small amount on your edges where you have your mesh cap along your temple.

  • Spray the glued part with a glue spray, lay your wig flat on your edges, press and comb in your edges alongside

  • Do not let your baby hair get in

  • Comb them out.

  • Wear a scarf round and tight the glued part for 8-10 minutes

  • Remove the scarf, lay your baby hair and style.

 Visit Express Wig Braids If you are looking to buy braided wigs for sale and for more information.

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Wholesale Wigs for Sale

Braid Wigs have been made for thousands of years as far back over 30,000 in many different cultures around the world, and for a variety of uses.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is a statement that has been passed around for years but the reality is beauty is also dependent on the one beheld; one is only as beautiful as they feel. Most ladies focus on clothes, make up and shoes to feel and look beautiful but the package is not complete without that killer hairstyle.


Hair maintenance can be expensive and time consuming but also worth every minute and coin.


The 21st century woman is a productive and independent woman who might not always have the time to sit in a salon to have their hair made for several hours. With the harsh economic times, she also cannot afford an overpriced style that would last her a week. She wants something elegant, long lasting, affordable and fast. Combining long lasting and affordable seems unrealistic but creative hair dressers came up with a style and better still to help with the time consuming bit of braiding, Express Wig Braids has provided women with box braids and twist wigs which gives the same elegance and flexibility of plaited braids but spares you the time spent braiding.


Braids date back to thousands of years was done mostly by African women, but now everyone is doing them. Braids is a square, circular or triangular shaped portion of hair set aside from the rest and then divided into three equal parts, the parts are then intertwined to the end of the hair.


The style can be done on natural hair but most women opt for synthetic extensions in the braids for the length and thickness, the bulkier the box braids & Twist Wigs the better they look.


The same idea has been adopted into the jumbo or micro braid wig but unlike the braid been done on ones natural hair, the braid is braided on a wig cap with a preferred virgin lace material that does not pull the client’s natural hair, allowing it to grow and maintain one’s hairline.


They also vary in size depending on the client’s preference. One can do the small, medium or the big also known as jumbo size braids.


Express Wig Braids offers sales of all of these kinds of braids on lace wigs.

If you want to get that beautiful and unique look at an affordable rate, just visit


When it comes to growing and caring for your natural hair, it is vital for you to know what works and what simply doesn’t. There are new fads that appears online every day but not all of them work for everyone. You must bear in mind that your hair texture, type and strength is different from that of millions of African Americans out there who are trying to find tips on how to take care of their own crown of glory.




There are several things you can do and steps you can take each and every day to help grow out your hair thick, longer and stronger. There also are great natural oils and remedies, moisture treatments, heat avoiding techniques and other tips you could adopt. While these may be applicable across board, they don’t necessarily yield the same results for everyone at the same rate. So, what is a fool proof method of protecting and helping your natural hair grow with the least possible manipulation and best guaranteed results? The answer is Braid Wigs!

Why Braid Wigs?

  • Human Braided Wigs gives any woman a new lease of life. It does not matter what style you go for, you will come out looking exotic and stunning always. Be it the long box braids wigs for sale, curly styles, an up do, short look close to the crown, extra long tresses, silky smooth and fine, rough and textured, thick, thin, colored, plain black…the list of options is endless.


  • Regular braids done as extensions on your hair are brilliant, but they can become a stressor especially if you are susceptible to traction and the effects that comes with it. Sometimes, you just need to give your hair the break it deserves and go for beautiful braid wigs instead. When professionally done by an experienced hand, such a wig will give the illusion of real braids so it takes nothing away from your desired look. In fact, you end up with a finer, long lasting look.

  • They preserve your edges than getting them snatched when you have your hair braided to tight.

  • Some people get tired of having the same style on for too long, while some don’t want to have the same style everyday. Hence, you can always take your wig off at anytime.

  • Helps women who have suffered from alopecia or have cancer and have lost their natural hair.

  • Saves you a lot of time you have to sit for several hours to get you hair braided and then still have to take them off the following week or so.

  • Braided wigs also saves you a lot of money always getting your hair braided because they last for more than two years.

   If you want some nicely and neatly done braided wigs, just visit Express Wig Braids


Faux Locs originated from locs which has always been a part of the old styles of braids. They are meant to resemble real loc or dreadlocks. It is a different type of braids you can have on if you don’t want to have your hair twisted or braided.


You take a round, square or triangular portion of hair apart and start to wrap an extension around it till it gets to your desired length. 

Loc styles are know for its popular fast growing hair advantage and unique look it gives to women, but not all hair textures can withstand a faux loc style.

Reason is you need a healthy and good amount of your natural hair to be able to have the loc style on, otherwise, you will lose your edges and almost your whole hair.

Some women who have lost their edges and hair due to a lot of reasons, should still be able to have a faux loc style on their head if they desire, but how will they go about this? Faux Loc wigs is the answer.

 A faux loc wig is a handmade braided lace wig that is customized to suit your preferred style options such as length, color, lace material, baby hair option, and all.

They are very affordable with maximum guarantee to last for years without hurting your pocket and a very easy to maintain special type of wig.

If you want to have many parting style options at the front of your customized wig, then you can order the frontal lace material option, but if you want to be able to pack it up in a bun as well as all parts, order the full lace material option.

 Another style that resembles the faux loc wig is the Crochet braid wigs for sale.

Crochet braid or loc is a type of single braid that is already made.

They come in different forms such as straight locs, curly locs, goddess locs, straight braids, curly braids, goddess braids, straight twist, curly twist, goddess twist and goddess locs. Comes in long and short length to suit your purpose.


You can also order Crochet braid wigs in different length options, lace material options, if you want baby hair on your wig, if you want your knot bleached, mixed or highlighted options and many other options you would prefer you wig to come with.

They are very affordable and long lasting.

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